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Marketing Management

Assistant Professor

 Email: vikas.kumar@iimsirmaur.ac.in

Prof. Vikas Kumar, is an Assistant Professor of Marketing Management at Indian Institute of Management, Sirmaur. Prof. Vikas is holding the position of Chairman- Student affairs at IIM Sirmaur. Prior to joining IIM Sirmaur, he was associated with Department of Management Studies, NIT-Hamirpur (H.P.) as Lecturer for about 8.5 months. He has worked as an Assistant Manager in the department of Container services & Marketing in Liner & Passenger division of Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. Later on, he joined IIT Roorkee, as a research scholar in the area of marketing. More specifically, he worked in the area of destination branding. His work relates to the examination of the role of destination personality and self-congruity in creating destination brands. He contributed largely to the institute’s activities by assisting in national and international level conferences and various workshops on data analysis and research publications. He has published a good number of research papers in various international journals of repute such as Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research (Sage), Anatolia (Taylor & Francis), and Tourism Management Perspectives (Elsevier) etc. He participated in numerous international level conferences across the nation. He is also a regular reviewer of top quality journals like Tourism Management, Tourism Management Perspectives, Anatolia and Tourism & Hospitality Research, Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing etc.

Assistant Manager, SCI Ltd [15 months]

Lecturer (Marketing), NIT Hamirpur [8.5 months]

Assistant professor (Marketing), IIM Sirmaur [July’16 to present]

Tourism marketing, consumer behavior and brand management

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  1. Adil, M., Kumar, V., Sadiq, M., Nasir, M. & Mitra, A. (2018). Barriers to the adoption of green management practices in hotels of North India. International Conference on Sustainability and Business (SUSBUS 2018), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C), Jan. 13-14, 2018. Accepted for Presentation.
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  4. Kumar, V., & Nayak, J.K. (2015). Self-congruity, functional congruity and destination choice: The moderating role of prior experience, “GCMRM Conference” organized by MDI Gurgaon on 11th-13th March 2015.
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  • Awarded JRF and SRF by University Grants Commission for the period 2013 to 2015.
  • Regular Reviewer of various journals of repute including:
    • Tourism Management (Elsevier)
    • Tourism Management Perspectives (Elsevier)
    • Tourism and Hospitality Research ( Sage)
    • Anatolia (Sage)
    • Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing (Taylor & Francis)