Industry Visits

Braza Tyres- 11th March 2016

Industrial visit to Braza Tyres to gain insights about the operations and supply chain management of a Tyre manufacturing company. They also grasped various challenges that are affecting the industry today. 

Bourn Hall IVF clinic- 24th December 2015

Industrial visit at Bourn Hall IVF clinic to understand its operations. We comprehended the complexity involved in production specifically tailored to suit consumer needs. How to deliver cutting-edge product and best-in-class support towards achieving the best possible outcome, while also upholding the highest possible quality standards.

Himalaya International- 20th September 2016

Students understood the 'Process Costing and Cold Supply Chain' in a Food Processing industry. They also comprehended various facets of costing of a product in a food-based company even under volatile demand conditions.