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Guest Lecture "Career Brand Management"

Indian Institute of Management, Sirmaur played host to Mr. Shivakumar Venkateswaran, CHRO, IIM Bangalore, who shared his views on ‘Career Brand Management’ as part of Colloquium Guest Lecture series. He asked the students to find their core values and passions. Then, he asked to identify the qualities and characteristics which will make them distinct. He drove home the fact that the combination of self-awareness and realistic development plans is required for success in career. Furthermore, he talked about the awareness of key development opportunities to make oneself distinct from others. He explained the nitty-gritty of career brand management for self and stressed the importance of creating the brand “Me” and the importance of people’s perception about it in career path. Mr. Venkateswaran concluded the session by proposing advice to students on career path selection and also related them by drawing examples from his own career.