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Guest Lecture “Leading change”

Guest Lecture

Paonta Sahib, January 12, 2019: “Why is changing the only constant in the world? Who was the first person who led the change in Human Life?”, Mr. Dharm Rakshit, Head HR, Hero Motocorp Ltd., asked the students, in the latest guest lecture of the Colloquium Series centred on the theme, “Leading change”.  He mentioned that no change can be brought about without wisdom and how it’s imperative to combat your inner resistance to become accepting of change. He showed a video on monkey business illusion, emphasizing the fact that when you are deeply engrossed in something, you fail to perceive the overt changes occurring around you. He further quoted, “If you want to be an instrument of change, change yourself, instead of trying to change others”, stressing the fact that although everyone is willing to change, no one is willing to lead the change.

He talked about how smartphones have supplanted iPods, Sony Walkman, torches etc. He mentioned that too much information can be destructive as it fosters fear of unknown and failure but although these fears can never be completely eliminated, they cannot prevent change from happening. He quoted Paulo Coelho “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”, emphasizing the importance of leading the change.  He mentioned how demonetization has been one of the biggest changes in the context of the Indian economy. He emphasized that disruptions are unpredictable. He further mentioned that you are always either the conqueror or the victim of disruption. He identified choices, changes, and chances as the three C’s of life. He concluded the guest lecture with a highly interactive Q/A Session.