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Guest Lecture (Transformation To New Leadership Roles)

Transformation To New Leadership Roles

In the third guest lecture of the Colloquium series centered on the theme “Transformation to new leadership roles”, Mr. Krishnan Venkiteswaran, Head HR, Control Print Limited, shed light on various leadership styles and the relevance of each in today’s day and age. He also shared the ingredients of a great leader such as empowerment, problem-solving skills, engagement, transparency, influence, adaptability, innovation, and empathy. He mentioned how leaders are different from managers in that unlike managers that create followers and focus on efficiency, true leaders create leaders and focus on effectiveness.  He accentuated how leaders have a higher risk propensity that allows them to follow a proactive, strategic approach, unlike managers that follow a reactive, tactical approach.  Further, he talked about the basic issues faced by leaders such as attracting, retaining and developing talent, managing performance etc. He summed up the lecture by emphasizing how the company’s success/ failure is determined by the success/failure of transitioning to a new leadership role.