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Guest Lecture by Mr. Sahil Nayar

“The conscious mind is the goal setter and the unconscious mind is the goal getter”. In the latest guest lecture of the Colloquium Series centred on the theme “Neuro Linguistic Programming”, Mr Sahil Nayar, Associate Director, Human Resources – KPMG, enlightened the students about the significance of understanding the nature of communication with and within teams including the subtle dynamics of verbal influence, the thinking and emotional make up of teams and individuals and most importantly understanding of oneself. He also emphasized that it is imperative to learn to manage one’s own emotions and have increased self-awareness. To make the session more interactive and meaningful for the students, he organized a fun activity wherein he divided the entire batch into 5 groups of 20 students each. All the teams were provided with some props and using those props, they were entailed to construct the most beautiful, tallest and sturdiest tower with the caveat that 2 of the teams would stay deaf, 2 of them mute and 1 blind during the course of the activity. The objective of the activity was to learn to be sensitive to understand one’s own learning style and that of others to enable us to connect to others based on their learning styles.