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International Workshop on Building World-Class Institution
The students of IIM Sirmaur participated in a workshop centered around the theme – ‘Grooming Students as Global Professionals: Cross-Cultural Competencies for the International Markets’. Held on November 13, 2017, the workshop was facilitated by Prof. Darlene F. Russ-Eft, Oregon State University and Prof. Maria Cseh, The George Washington University, USA. The workshop aimed at underscoring the importance of culture in the age of globalization, and to leverage such knowledge to build personal competencies for thriving in the global workplace. The participants were enjoined to appreciate cultural differences that are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern-day workplaces. In this context, specific frameworks were shared to comprehend, learn and imbibe the right attitude toward one’s colleagues and in the workplace, at large, when working in an inclusive and multi-cultural environment. As spaces that spur creativity and offer infinite opportunities to innovate, global workplaces are potential theatres of conflict, misunderstanding and miscommunication as well owing to the presence of people representing disparate schools of thought. Thus, the session ended with the facilitators counselling the students on ways to shape a healthy professional ecosystem, thereby creating a productive international enterprise.