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Mr. Rajesh Kumar, AGM (HRDC), BHEL interacted with the students of IIM Sirmaur
On 4th August, 2017, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, AGM (HRDC), BHEL interacted with the students of IIM Sirmaur and offered an insight into the inside-out approach of leading. Citing examples from his own organization, he revealed that young employees in modern organizations do not prefer to be micro-managed. He introduced the proposition that ‘Focus’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Fire’ are the innate characteristics of any child. These when coupled with knowledge give rise to capabilities. Basing his case upon the GROW model, he said that setting SMART goals, aligning them to the realities of the external environment, choosing the best among available options and working towards the proper implementation of the path picked define a leader’s character and his/her leadership acumen. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. (Dr.) Neelu Rohmetra, Director, IIM Sirmaur shared her opinions and ideas on leadership; how a leader should be an influencer and one who sets an example before his/her followers. A leader is effective only when he/she is accepted that largely depends on the skills he/she employs while leading from the front. Leadership is the essence of management and involves making the right decision at the right time, she said. She further added that choosing among alternatives implies picking the best available option and that is the crux of management. Prof. Vaneet Kashyap, Placement Chairperson, IIM Sirmaur who was instrumental in organizing the guest lecture, delivered the Vote of Thanks.