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'New India' pledge taking ceremony 9th August, 2017
On the morning of 9th August, 2017, students and faculty of IIM Sirmaur, took the pledge for a ‘New India’, on the occasion of 75th anniversary of the ‘Quit India Movement’, 1942. Initiating the event, Prof. (Dr.) Neelu Rohmetra, Director, IIM Sirmaur shared her thoughts on the role of youth and their contributions in nation building. She started by remembering the sacrifices made by our forefathers and the freedom fighters in getting us our freedom. Reminding the students about the value of the freedom we enjoy today, she encouraged them to actively participate in nation building by making full use of their potentialities. She concluded her address by highlighting the importance of freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of action. Col. A.K. Dutta, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), IIM Sirmaur, administered the pledge for ‘New India’ to the students, staff and the faculty present on the occasion. The resolve as a pledge sought commitment to clean India and to fight against the ills of corruption, terrorism, communalism and casteism. The event was organised by the PGP Office, under the convenorship of Prof. Vaneet Kashyap, PGP Chairman. Ms. Surabhi Seth coordinated the event. The event concluded with the National Anthem and chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai!’ On the occasion towards evening, ‘RangManch Club’ of students of IIM Sirmaur presented theatre/cultural performances under patriotic themes. The students of IIM Sirmaur showcased their talent in the spirit of Patriotism, which included individual performances by Vaishnavi, Krutikesh and Bhavesh. Group performances included ‘Bhangra’ dance, skit on ‘New India’ Movement and a patriotic song by Bhavesh Tokas, Yash Shah, Binoy Ninan, Vikash Kumar, Aditi Goel, Masoom Modh, Karan Yadav, Abhinav Sharma, Ruchi Verma, Neha Dhavalikar, Siddharth Kumar, Krutikesh Javir, Sumit Kumar, Akshay Devpal, Arjun P C, Akansha Singh, Kanika Gupta, Vaishnavi Deshpande, Phukhato Sema, Sourav Biswal and Rahul Pal.