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6th Foundation day

IIM Sirmaur completes five years of its establishment

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sirmaur successfully completed five years of its establishment on 04 Sept 2020. IIM Sirmaur known as Himalayan IIM and an Apple of the IIMs is 19th in the prestigious IIM family of management schools established in India. The entire IIM Sirmaur fraternity gathered virtually to mark this event. On this occasion, an online talk was arranged on the topic “Staying motivated all the time”. The talk was given by Swami Prabuddhanand, the Director of Capacity Building Programs - The Art of Living who was accompanied by Shri Uday Krishna Ji.
The IIM Sirmaur fraternity reflected back on the milestones achieved by the institute during its journey of last five years. Started with a bunch of students and faculty in the year 2015 and with just one academic program, the institute has grown to nearly 350 full time students in 3 different academic programs (two post-graduate level and one PhD program). IIM Sirmaur is the only IIM in the country to run MBA in Tourism Management. During last few years, IIM Sirmaur achieved membership of various national and international bodies like AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), All India Management Association (AIMA), National HRD Network (NHRDN), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Association of Indian Management School (AIMS) to name a few. IIM Sirmaur also holds the distinction of being led by first-ever women Director of an IIM Professor (Dr.) Neelu Rohmetra, and institute has made vivid progress in developing students holistically, while also striving for increased corporate and social connectedness.  Simultaneously, the institute has also planned its permanent campus near Dhaula Kuan District Sirmaur for which a grand foundation stone laying ceremony was organized on 4 Aug 2020. IIM Sirmaur has a successful placement record since its inception. 
On the occasion of sixth foundation day of IIM Sirmaur, Professor Rohmetra congratulated IIM Sirmaur fraternity on this mega milestone. In her concluding words, she drawn useful inferences from the session and said that if we make enthusiasm our goal, then the question of what would happen to us would not come up. She pondered the importance of getting joy from work or assignments rather than just doing it mechanically. As management professionals it is required to bring discipline which helps in thinking calmly and adapting a balanced approach to problems. She encouraged to organize more sessions of this kind which can help in improving the soft skills of not only students but the entire IIM Sirmaur fraternity. 
Earlier, Swami Prabuddhanand, the Director of Capacity Building Programs - The Art of Living gave a talk in online mode. He started his talk by congratulating IIM Sirmaur on the sixth foundation day and said that more than the birth of an institution, it is the birth of a cause. He said that the purpose of the institute reflects its enthusiasm to reach its goals. Speaking on the topic “Staying motivated all the time”, he pointed out that having goals is very important in our lives, but it is equally important to be clear on what we want from life. He repeatedly emphasised that enthusiasm is the will of life and that it can be an inspiration to others thereby being “Samaaj Seva” in itself. He explained the mutual dependence of goals and enthusiasm. To possess healthy enthusiasm, he emphasized the importance of four things which are, taking the right amount of food and nutrition at the right time, having concentration and relaxation, having a happy and peaceful state of mind, and a special focus on one’s breath. He expounded that looking for perfection will always make us miserable and that some leeway must be given to make mistakes and to facilitate growth. Swami Prabuddhanand is an avid football lover, acclaimed mountaineer, vicarious reader he is fondly remembered for lively presence, building teams and empowering people. He switched his professional career at its peak on the call of Gurudev to work for a stress free and violence free society. He works for conflict resolution both at national and international level and Passionately teaches vaidic philosophy and conducts meditation program.
He was also accompanied by Shri Uday Krishna. Shri Uday Krishna explained the difference between inert and enthusiastic people metaphorically by taking the example of nitrogen and oxygen in our atmosphere. He expounded on five points to sustain enthusiasm which are having a goal in life, cleansing emotional garbage in life, attending to the sources of praana, being centered and focused, and leaving scope for imperfections and mistakes in life. With the help of a video playback of his holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, he emphasized the importance of meditation and narrated the ingredients of a peaceful life with full of enthusiasm and what can be achieved with such a life. He emphasised the importance of having both passion and dispassion to bring a balance between achievement of goals and relaxation of the soul. He concluded by saying, “Success gives you height and failure gives you depth. You need both to grow in life.” Shri Uday Krishna is an environmental engineer by education and trained from IIT Kharagpur. His domain of working now encompasses more in the field of inner pollution than outer pollution.   He has the privilege of working with almost the entire spectrum of society be it, police, youth, farmers, vaidic scholars or the general public at large. 
The event was organized by the event management committee of IIM Sirmaur.