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IIM Sirmaur celebrates 7th International Day of Yoga (21 June, 2021)

IIM Sirmaur celebrates 7th International Day of Yoga

Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur celebrated 7th International Yoga Day with zeal and enthusiasm. A webinar talk was organized on the topic ‘A seed contains the whole forest: This is Yoga’, which was delivered by Sri Anish, a spiritual teacher, mentor, author & founder of Saadho Sangha Foundation. The talk focused on Yoga as an intervention, especially in the current pandemic times, when we are constrained to carry on with our existing habits, patterns, belief systems, ways of working and relating. Sri Anish emphasised that yoga is the essence of whole life, but Yoga means different things to different people. He highlighted that it is high time that we explore and understand this powerful knowledge, make use of it and enhance our life’s purpose and experience with it. Sri Anish, explained that Yoga is not only limited to the ‘asanas’ but it is much wider than this. Afterwards, with the contemporary and relatable day to day examples, he elaborated the eight Sutras of Yoga- Yama (abstinences), Niyama (observances), Asana (yoga postures), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (absorption). Later, he enlightened the participants to understand the importance of mindfulness in doing different tasks that can help in achieving our wishful goals. Also, he putforth that using the pathway of Yoga, one can develop the capacities to achieve different aspirations in life.  Sri Anish pointed out the prominent link between Yoga and management. He said that “A good leader and manager needs to have a controlled mind to work successfully. Before connecting with others, one has to connect with oneself”.     

Professor (Dr) Neelu Rohmetra, Director IIM Sirmaur presided over the event. While speaking on the occasion, she emphasized that people around the world are suffering from emotional stress, and possibly therapy like Yoga can do immense good. “One needs to have mind, body, and emotions in control to aspire for achievement of goals in life.  A true leader must have a conviction, which comes from the discipline”, she said. Professor Rohmetra articulated the relevance of restrain over mind, which is cardinal for focus and concentration, the much needed virtues for effective leadership.

Dr. Rinki Dahiya, Convenor Event Management Committee presented the welcome note, while the event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Anshu Aggrawal, faculty at IIM Sirmaur. The event witnessed participation from faculty, staff and students of the institute. Towards, the end of the session, Ms. Vipashyana Kain, a student of MBA program and member of Rangmach team at IIM Sirmaur administered the ‘Yoga Pledge’ to participants, to make Yoga an integral part of life. 

As a part of International Yoga Day celebrations, IIM Sirmaur has also organized National level Essay Writing Competition on the theme ‘Yoga and Youth’ for the graduate and postgraduate students.