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IIM Sirmaur Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti Talk on ‘Unleashing Your Inner Peace’ Organized

IIM Sirmaur Celebrates Gandhi Jayanti
Talk on ‘Unleashing Your Inner Peace’ Organized

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti today, IIM Sirmaur organized a talk by Mr. Rajeev Nambiar, Director- Institutional Programs and Senior Trainer at The Art of Living Foundation, on the theme “Unleashing Your Inner Peace,” through online mode. 
Mr. Nambiar opened the session with an insightful look into what anger essentially means. He highlighted the importance of inner peace to combat the overwhelming emotions that manifest into anger. “Make smile cheap and anger expensive,” he said. He used the analogy of Mahatma Gandhi’s Swacch Bharat to bring out the true essence of cleanliness which encompasses both physical and mental aspects of cleanliness. Highlighting the importance of the Ashtanga Yoga sutras, the speaker stressed the significance of utilizing yoga to navigate through life stressors and maximize one’s inner peace.  He went on to demonstrate some pranayama techniques to help one ensure their emotional and mental wellbeing. “Nature has rhythm, and alignment with the rhythm of nature is important for inner peace,” he said.
Paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri on their birth anniversaries and commemorating International Day of Non-Violence, Professor Neelu Rohmetra, Director Indian Institute of Management, Sirmaur, encouraged the audience to imbibe the life principles of these great personalities. She highlighted the immense importance of peace, happiness, and positivity in human life. She stressed that inner peace is essential to radiate peace outside and that self-introspection is a precursor to seeking inner peace. 
Earlier, Dr. Sanjay Singh, faculty IIM Sirmaur coordinated the session and presented introductory remarks on leadership and non-violence on this occasion. He outlined the leadership principles based on Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work philosophy, highlighted the importance of non-violence, and shared the lasting legacy of Mahatma Gandhi in the post-Gandhian world.
The session ended with a ‘Non-Violence’ pledge taken by all the participants.