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IIM Sirmaur Organises Maiden Leadership Summit

IIM Sirmaur Organises Maiden Leadership Summit


IIM Sirmaur Organises Maiden Leadership Summit


Paonta Sahib, January 27, 2018: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sirmaur held its first Leadership Summit on 27th January, 2018. Centred on the theme of ‘Shaping Future Leaders in the Era of Disruption’, the event was graced by the presence of corporate stalwarts, including Shekhar Tiwari (MD – SCNO, Accenture), Harish Pant (MD, Hampson Industries), Sandeep Tyagi (Director – HR, Samsung Electronics India), Amit Kumar Banerjee (Founder & Director, SAMPARC) and Partho Dasgupta (Chief Mentor, Reliance Industries).


In his keynote address, Shekhar Tiwari highlighted the importance of change management. Drawing from his experience in the IT industry, he argued that with the advent of AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies, understanding oneself and one’s capacities is of utmost importance. Disruptions are not entirely new phenomena, but rather we have been experiencing them at a greater frequency of late.


Earlier, in her presidential address to the august congregation, Prof. (Dr.) Neelu Rohmetra highlighted how leaders shape modern societies. Taking cues from her personal as well as professional life, she underscored the importance of leading by example. She emphasized how leadership is not simply the exercise of one’s power but an all-encompassing and an all-pervasive process aimed towards creating an empowering environment for those one leads. “Difficulties are the manifestations of the disruptions that we face and therefore, change is not something to be fought with but something to be embraced”, she advised the students of IIM Sirmaur. She closed her remarks by reiterating IIM Sirmaur’s vision of polishing skills, tapping potential and providing direction to the budding corporate leaders and entrepreneurs of the future.


The first panel discussion on ‘The Future of Work in the Wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ shifted the spotlight to the societal impact of the machine economy. Chaired by Prof. Rakesh V, it involved insightful reflections on the steps that can be taken by the businesses of tomorrow to build a better working environment. The discussion also tackled issues related to the role of government in facilitating a transition towards a digital economy. Amit Kumar Banerjee, one of the panellists for the session, said that bringing on board a good leader is not a question of money. “Money can’t buy leadership” he said. Another panellist, Harish Pant expressed that no one has clarity on how globalization and protectionism will work in sync, and in such an environment, adaptability to disruptions is key to success.


The engaging panel discussion on ‘Managing Disruption through Talent Mobility’, was chaired by Prof. Vaneet Kashyap (PGP Chairman, IIM Sirmaur) The panel tried to venture into the profound implications of strategic internal talent redeployment on employee experience and corporate performance. The discussion was initiated by Sandeep Tyagi, who urged that the current generation has to be prepared to do things which have never been done earlier. He further stated that if WIITFM (What is in it for me) is addressed by organizations sufficiently, retention becomes an non-existent issue. Partho Dasgupta showcased how skills can be imparted whereas behaviour, character and attitude are inherent factors that matter significantly. The panellists encouraged the students to build strong foundations without looking at pay packages or limiting themselves to their comfort zone. Sandeep Tyagi emphasised the fact that analytics would be a game-changer in the times to come as it makes decision-making more accurate.

A brainchild of Prof. (Dr.) Neelu Rohmetra, this event highlights the concerted efforts of the premiere B-School to reach out to industry. Anuj Kumar, a student attendee from IIM Sirmaur said that the event was “a most opportune platform for the students of IIM Sirmaur to reflect on the latest trends in the economy and appreciate the current and imminent issues that industries face with the advancement of technology.” Another attendee, Arushi Singh said that the event helped her gain a new perspective on leadership and would prove to be of immense help in her professional life. All sessions were interactive and provided opportunity for discussion and reflection.