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IIP at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy

IIP at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy

IIM Sirmaur completes second International Immersion Program at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy (2019)

The MBA Batch of 2018-20 of the Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur consisting of 98 students successfully completed the three weeks (10 June 2019 – 28 June 2019) of International Immersion Programme with the SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy. The second chapter of the International Immersion Program is part of IIM Sirmaur’s vision to train all the students of IIM Sirmaur to the best of global management education and business practices to make them future ready. Students learned about the nuances of doing business in Europe, selection and entry into foreign markets, global and multi-domestic strategies for successful international business operations, formulation and implementation of international business strategy to craft and lead premium global business brands.

  Participants were exposed to a range of dominant themes through sessions on ‘the globalization of pocket multinationals and foreign market entry,’ ‘International Finance,’ ‘Service Management,’ ‘Service Operations Management,’ ‘Service Industrialization,’ and Managing Capacity and Demand in International markets. Select SDA Bocconi Faculty who delivered the sessions included Prof. Olga Annushkina's, Prof. Andrea Dossi, Prof. Vitiliano Fiorillo, Prof. Vittoria Veronesi, Prof. Gabriella Lojacono, and Prof. Silvia Zamboni. The custom program complemented the IIM Sirmaur curriculum with an added exposure to international management education and the global economy.

All the students also took an advanced level class in ‘Design Thinking’ with a focus on how to measure quality in services in reference to service gap model. Along with the academic discussion, assignment, cases, simulations, and regular evaluations, the group visited Ferrari campus and museum at Maranello, winemaking companies in Franciacorta region, and Amazon logistics center in Piacenza which offered an insider view of working of global brands and their operational excellence. A unique mix of the academic, corporate, and cultural experiences in the heartland of Europe helped all the students develop the right perspective and motivation toward emerging as business leaders of the future.

  After the successful completion of the programme all the students received their certificates in the graduation ceremony wherein Professor Neelu Rohmetra, Director, IIM Sirmaur and Prof. Giovanni Tomasi, Director of Corporate Custom Programs, SDA Bocconi School of Management, delivered their concluding address to the gathering. Prof. Tomasi congratulated all the students for the successful completion of their International Immersion and the enthusiasm for learning global knowledge and practices. Prof. Neelu Rohmetra in her concluding address appreciated the effort of all stakeholders from IIM Sirmaur and SDA Bocconi for the fruitful academic exchange and laid the roadmap for developing deeper academic and international exchange collaborations between the two institutions. Mr. Gianluigi Castelli, President, Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane, delivered a motivating talk on ‘Career Path.’ On the sidelines of International Immersion Programme, a high level of meeting between the delegates of IIM Sirmaur, led by Prof. Rohmetra, and SDA Bocconi School of Management, led by Prof. Giuseppe Soda,  Dean, SDA Bocconi School of Management and Prof. Tomasio discussed various new avenues of collaboration and innovative global management programmes to meet the global business challenges and the learning requirements of the future. Both the institutions expressed interest to work closely to further strengthen the collaboration between them.