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MDP on Creating Value for Business for SJVN Ltd.

MDP on Creating Value for Business for SJVN Ltd.

IIM Sirmaur inaugurated Management Development Programme (MDP)

On August 9, 2021, IIM Sirmaur inaugurated a 3-week long Management Development Programme (MDP) for the officers of SJVN Ltd, a Mini Ratna company. The 3-week duration customized programme titled “Creating Value for Business” has been developed with the objective to train the SJVN officers in order to help them to lead their organization efficiently.  The programme shall consist of modules from Finance & Accounting, Business Law, Strategic Management, Project Management, Organizational Behaviour, Leadership and Team Management. The participants shall be exposed to the principle concepts from each of these functional domains along with real life examples via case studies and hands on training using relevant software. Prof. Vikas Kumar, Chairperson MDP, IIM Sirmaur welcomed the participants the faculty and staff. He emphasized on the quality of the resources to be utilized by IIM Sirmaur during this MDP and assured the best inputs, which would benefit the firm. Prof. Vikas referred to the present scenario and highlighted the need for organizations to realize the importance of creating values for their business and the manner in which it provides a competitive edge for the firm in the market. 

Sh. Anish Sharma (Senior Manager – SJVN Ltd.) addressed the gathering and briefed about the MDPs undertaken by SJVN Ltd. at various IIMs in the recent times. He mentioned that the participants from SJVN are looking forward to gathering good knowledge and leadership skills through this MDP at IIM Sirmaur. With a highly trained work force, the company is growing leaps and bounds and has targeted production of 25000 MW electricity by the year 2040.

Prof. Pradipta Patra, Chairperson Programmes, IIM Sirmaur delivered the presiding address. Prof. Patra emphasized on the fact that only stand-alone functional strategies like financial strategy or marketing strategy or operations strategy cannot create value for a business. It may be noted that an amalgamation of all these mentioned strategies drive businesses successfully in the modern era. Further, business managers need to equip themselves technologically and work on building data analytics skills. Prof. Patra mentioned that the orientation for most firms have shifted from profit maximization strategies to the triple bottom line approach where firms need to look at the social and environmental impacts of their businesses along with the financial performance. Prof. Patra in his address also highlighted the impressive growth curve of IIM Sirmaur from 22 MBA students in 2015 to 500 students approximately across programmes in AY 2021-22. As Chairperson Programmes, Prof. Patra mentioned about the different student activities outside their regular course curriculum, the participation of the Institute in national projects like Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Ek Bharath Sresth Bharath etc. and the vision of the institute in creating responsible corporate leaders who shall be able to give back to the society and environment.