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UDGAM, Business - 2030 Conclave

UDGAM, Business - 2030 Conclave

IIM Sirmaur hosts UDGAM, Business - 2030 Conclave

Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur organized its first ever business conclave “Udgam” on 9th September 2019. Held upon the theme of “The Business 2030” and featuring some of the leading corporate, the conclave was an abundance of insightful discussions, personal experiences and animated parleys with the students on a variety of pre-decided sub themes. Organized by Markaizen (the marketing club) and Scope (the operations club), the event consisted of 3 comprehensive panel discussions. The event was inaugurated with welcome speech by the Director, Professor Neelu Rohmetra, welcoming the guests and congratulating the student clubs for planning the splendid event in the campus. She  said that such initiatives hosting the corporate interface are important for the overall professional development of the business students.

First panel discussion was around  the theme: “Brand Engagement and Customer Loyalty-How far can it be sustained using data insights?” The panellists were:  Mr. Nishant Singh Didawat (Business Head-Digital Media, Kinnect), Mr. Naveen Athresh (Group Product Manager-Rakuten), Mr. Aditya Agarwal (VP & Head- Customer Experience Management, TransUnion CIBIL), Mr. Anil Ahluwalia (GeneralManager- PR & Brand, BPCL) and Mr. Sopan Upadhyay (Assistant Vice President- Marketing, Tata Capital). The Panel was moderated by Prof. Dinesh Sharma (Associate Professor, SJM School of Management, IIT Bombay)

After a lively discussions and insightful discourses among the panel members drawn from varied industries including B2B, B2C, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, the deliberations concluded that: "In today’s time, the most important aspect of any company is that they are not selling just a product but a comprehensive experience. Value is added depending on how we connect with the customer. Although customer acquisition is still relevant, the major challenge in modern times is to retain that customer."

This was followed by the second panel discussion on  the theme "Analytics and Emerging Technologies: the re-birth of Supply Chain” ,featuring some industry titans including Mr. Jaydeep Adhikari (Lead Procurement and Contracting, Reliance Jio) and the moderator Mr. Sandeep Chatterjee (Associate Director, Deloitte), the discussion attracted a lot of involvement from the audience . The   panelists felt that:

“Supply Chain, today, has become more of a customer driven variable than a product-driven one." To illustrate their point, the example of wearable technology was given, which, by next year itself, is projected to reach the 5 billion mark and the economic scale of which is all set to reach the scale of 3 trillion dollars, they commented.

Mr. Gurkirat Singh (General Manager- Operations NBC Bearings), Mr. Amardeep Chougale (Co- Founder and Strategy Innovator, YoryoTechnologies), Mr. Jaydeep Adhikari (Lead Procurement and Contracting, Reliance Jio) & Mr. Nischay Babu AG (Director- Supply Chain, Bounce (Metro Bikes) were the other panelists and the panel was moderated by Mr. Sandeep Chatterjee (Associate Director, Deloitte).

The third and final panel, featuring Mr. Rajiv Sikka(CEO at Indian Oil, Adani Gas Private Ltd.) as the moderator  consisted of 4 panellists namely Mr. Aditya Bhamidipaty (Founder & CEO, FirstHive), Mr. Pranav Kumar (Chief Experience Designer, Praakamya), Mr. Manu Sood (Founder -Memavan Pvt Ltd. and Mr. Sameer Seth (Director, Marketing- Dolby Laboratories)

Discussing the theme - "Resonance of Marketing and Operations Strategies to drive sustainable growth" the session concluded the silos in marketing are being broken now.  Previously marketing was seen largely as a brand building organisation solely focused on creating visibility, but it had very little influence after it was delivered. The conceptualisation of marketing was done with one set of data but the execution of the same gave out different sets of data. The importance of the experience management particularly on how to empathise with the person for whom you are building a product or a service is now felt.

The students participated with lot of enthusiasm during the question answer sessions and immensely exhibited their inquisitivity and learning desire.

With the three discussions lasting the entire day, the Director, faculty and thestudents gave another rousing round of applause to the guest speakers and expressed their sincere hopes that the guests enjoyed t shall visit the Institute again, and continue their association.