Be an entrepreneur for creating valuables from plastic waste

Centre for Sustainability and Environmental Management, IIM Sirmaur with collaboration of Committee for Community Engagement and Outreach (CSR), IIM Sirmaur will conduct the webinar on Plastic Waste Management titled ‘Be an entrepreneur for creating valuables from plastic waste’ on 26th September, 2020 which coincides with World Environmental Health Day at 2.00-3.30 pm (IST).  The expert speakers are from Academics, Research and Industry in the field of plastic waste management. The online webinar will help the participants in raising awareness on plastic pollution, recycling and green solutions to waste plastic disposal.  All interested students and employees of IIM Sirmaur can attain this webinar.   

Major points of discussions are:

·         Sustainable choices for better plastic waste management

·         Green solutions to create valuables from plastic waste


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