International Management Development Program on “Teamwork Reimagined: Building and Managing High-Performance Teams (HPTs)” for the officials of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bangladesh

The Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur (IIM Sirmaur) recently concluded a highly successful 3-day International Management Development Program (MDP) titled "Teamwork Reimagined: Building and Managing High-Performance Teams (HPTs)" from October 28 to 30, 2023. The program, held in the picturesque setting of Shimla, brought together leaders, experts, and participants from various functions to delve into the critical aspects of teamwork and high-performance teams.

The MDP was inaugurated by Prof. Prafulla Agnihotri, Director of IIM Sirmaur, and Mr. Mohammad Shamim Ferdous, GM-HR of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd Bangladesh. Prof. Agnihotri emphasized the significance of teamwork and synergy in achieving organizational success, underscoring the importance of successful teams standing together during chaotic times. He encouraged participants to fully engage in such training programs to gain a truly enriching experience.

Earlier, Dr. Shashi Kant Srivastava, CMDP-Chairperson at IIM Sirmaur extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries and participants. Further, Dr. Rinki Dahiya, Program Director and OB & HRM Faculty at IIM Sirmaur gave the opening remarks on the objectives of the MDP, setting the tone for the insightful discussion. She mentioned that teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. She further highlighted that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together cohesively is a success.

The MDP, expertly led by Dr. Rinki Dahiya and Dr. Parul Malik, featured a diverse range of modules designed to enhance participants' understanding and capabilities in high-performance team management. Topics covered included developing HPTs, fostering team agility, promoting team spirit, leadership within HPTs, nurturing achievement orientation, and SMARTER goal setting. The program also delved into the importance of organizational culture in supporting high-performance teams, enhancing emotional intelligence within the team, managing conflicts constructively, and applying best negotiation practices.

The valedictory ceremony was graced with the esteemed presence of Prof. Agnihotri and he congratulated all the participants for the successful completion of the MDP. Earlier, Dr. Shashi Kant Srivastava, CMDP-Chairperson at IIM Sirmaur, presented a vote of thanks and extended his gratitude to all the participants for their dedication and active involvement throughout the MDP. Also, Dr. Parul Malik, Program Director and OB & HRM Faculty at IIM Sirmaur appreciated the inquisitiveness and active participation of the officials throughout the program. Further, Mr. Mohammad Shamim Ferdous, GM-HR of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd Bangladesh, shared insights into the valuable learning, knowledge, and skills acquired by participants, emphasizing the essential nature of such MDPs and suggesting their continued organization by IIM Sirmaur in the future.

Several participants also shared their enriching experiences during the program, highlighting the value and impact of the "Teamwork Reimagined" MDP hosted by IIM Sirmaur. This program has not only strengthened the understanding of effective teamwork but also fostered connections and insights for the attendees, further contributing to the development of high-performance teams across various functions. IIM Sirmaur continues to be at the forefront of leadership and management development, offering valuable insights and strategies to enhance the capabilities of professionals and organizations in today's dynamic and competitive business environment.