Dr. Mohita Gangavar

Dr. Mohita Gangwar Sharma

Dr. Mohita Gangavar Sharma has rich experience, both in the manufacturing and service sectors, and energy and transportation. Apart from her expertise in these industries, her lateral thinking allows her to draw analogies and applications across different industries. 

“My professional journey has been like a river, meandering through studies and industry. Unlike many academicians, I studied engineering at IIT –BHU worked as a transformer design engineer at BHEL, studied management at IIFT worked as a manager at Indian Airlines, did PhD and eventually settled in academics. Academics provided me the place to contemplate and bloom, explore and exploit. This seems an either–or paradox but is a both/and function. But what continuously remained with me has been a; flow’ and ‘chariveti charaiveti’ (Keep moving, keep moving) from Aiteraya Upanishad has been my motto”, says Dr. Mohita.

Her research emanates from her boundary spanner role, wherein she tries to bridge the industry–academia chasm. With her reflective thinking, she works in areas at the confluence of operations, technology, and strategy. Her approach towards business and life is holistic and all-embracing and rather than functional silos. She works at the interface of operations with other functions.  The whole spectrum from operational to tactical to strategic within the System intrigues her and that’s why she is enamored by the philosophy of system dynamics.

Dr. Mohita Gangwar Sharma
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