Srinivaasan Iyer, MBATHM01025
Batch: 2020-22

Anything which develops a person either personally or professionally requires something beyond the usual knowledge which people get from any educational institution during their student life. IIM Sirmaur stands as an example for this where it not only provides the knowledge, exposure, facility, and all the other facilities required but also an extremely soothing environment which acted the major part of the Sirmaurian’s Himalayan Journey. Whatever may be a person’s expertise with any particular subject or academics on the whole, the practical experiences and the people whom we interact and spend our time with are the ones which are more important in grooming a person to be industry ready which happened in IIM Sirmaur to the people who were able to interact and work along with each other. Nevertheless, the whole MBA journey has been transformative in various aspects of an individual which is particularly necessary for a broader perspective, being a person who belongs to the very first batch of MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management, the challenges kept on multiply day by day that in turn resulted in the learning curve to move steeper. On the whole, the students can get into the corporate world during the time of a global crisis, also survive and excel from the obstacles which come our way which was solely possible due to a meaningful journey that had everything in it.