Recruiters Guide

Recruiters Guide

The organizations can start inviting applications any time after the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) or confirmation of participation in the Final Placement Process. The job offers details, such as profile, remuneration and location, must be provided before applications are invited. Consequently, an invitation letter will be mailed to the organization confirming the date and time for the selection process. The organization must communicate the detailed process requirements (number of selection rounds, panels, and process-specific conditions) at least three days before the placement.

Important Dates

Pre-Placement Talk & Final Placements: September 2022 - February 2023

Joining Dates: April 2023 onwards

Pre-Placement Talks

The Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) helps companies and students interact with each other. The companies' representatives share their company profiles, critical aspects of business, work environment and opportunities available to the students. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session, where students interact with company officials to understand the company and potential roles better. A typical PPT session is scheduled for 90 minutes.

Applications and Shortlists

In response to job descriptions floated by companies, interested students apply through the Placement office. The students submit a detailed resume as part of the application process. Based on student applications, companies must send shortlists to the Placement office before their final placement interviews.

Placement Interviews

The final placement process is expected from September 2022 to February 2023. Companies can interview the students they have shortlisted on the date agreed upon by the Placement office and the company. The final placement interview allows the company and the student to discuss the role in detail and make the right choice. The companies can meet students before their allotted last interview date and conduct preliminary assessments.

Offers and Acceptance

The company can make an offer to the student after the final interview. For an offer to be valid, it should include details of the role, location, remuneration, and other relevant terms and conditions required by the candidate to make a decision. The company communicates the offer to the Placement office, which conveys it to the selected student. The acceptance of an offer is governed by placement rules of the PGP, which are framed at the beginning of the academic year.